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   Why Pay 60-80 A Month For TV?
by: Rod Buck
How To Save Up To £960 A Year!
The price of most pay-TV packages has rocketed in recent times, and it's not uncommon to be paying over £80 a month to either Sky or Virgin, which adds up to at least £960 a year for the privilege. You can do an awful lot with £960 a year!
One good solution to this is to convert to Freesat. Especially if you are coming off Sky, as the same dish can be usually re-used for Freesat.

Freesat is a Free-TV service carried on the same satellites that carry Sky. It has over 200 FREE channels (including HD channels) for NO monthly payment whatsoever! There's a good mix of News, Films, Shopping and General Entertainment channels.

The only things you don't get for free are the Sport channels with Premier League football, and the high-quality documentaries, such as Discovery (although you can download them if you have the right equipment).
Freeview is the Digital TV service that you get from your normal TV aerial. It doesn't have quite as many channels as Freesat, but it has an increasingly-impressive lineup of around 100 watchable channels - and with the right aerial, the picture quality can be stunning - better, in my opinion, than Sky or Virgin.

Again, with the right equipment (an HD PVR recorder, usually, more details here) you can download hundreds of additional programmes, including films, through your broadband connection.
If I sort you out a good-quality Freesat or Freeview HD Recorder, I can link it to your broadband router, and then you can use the BBC iPlayer or the ITV Player to download hundreds of extra programmes when YOU want to see them! Films, episodes of favourite shows, music, documentaries, you name it.
But My Phone and Broadband Come Packaged With My TV...
If your broadband is tied to your TV package, then that can be changed for an alternative provider quite easily.

Personally, I have an account with Plusnet, who are based in Sheffield. They have very good prices, the connection seems reliable - and - a major bonus - they answer the phone quickly, and you can talk to a Yorkshire person about your problem, rather than someone on another continent that you can hardly hear or understand! (No, they don't pay me a commission - maybe I should ask them!)

Another good Broadband supplier that I use is Freeola. They too are fast, cheap, have English staff, and their help service is excellent.
What Equipment Will I Need For Freeview Or Freesat?
Everyone's situation is different, so it depends on what you've already got in the way of an aerial or a dish, and what sort of TV equipment you've got. And how many rooms will have TVs in them. The simplest thing is probably to call me and have a chat - I'll come out and look at what's necessary, and tell you the options. There's no charge for this.

However, one of the best ways is to get a Twin-Tuner HD Recorder.
Twin-Tuner Recorders
A Freesat Recorder Box
A Twin-Tuner Recorder (also known as a PVR or Personal Video Recorder) like this will get you all the free-to-air normal and HD channels that are broadcast. Versions are available for Freesat and Freeview. But it's main atttraction is that it will let you watch one channel and record another at the same time. Or, you can record TWO channels at the same time - and watch a third one on the TV! Lets face it, there's often acres of garbage on, then 3 good programmes at once! This device will mean you don't have to miss any of your favourites.

I can''t recommend these too highly - one BIG advantage is that

You can miss all the adverts by skipping over them in just a few seconds!

;There is much more to tell you about these amazing gadgets - if you get one, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it...full details are given here.

Many of these Recorders can connect to the Internet, so you can use them to download programmes from the likes of BBC iPlayer and ITV Player

There's Often More Than One Way...

Call me on: 0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or email me on and I'll come and discuss it with you, free of charge.

There may be a way to get what you want that saves money.. or gives a better result.

Rod Buck

Rod Buck

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