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   Avoiding Those Adverts!
by: Rod Buck
Sneaky TV Companies
I don't know if you've noticed, but there seem to be more and more adverts on TV, don't there? Did you know the TV companies (by pleading poverty!) recently got government permission to increase the time occupied by adverts by 50%? They are now allowed 16 minutes of adverts per hour. Fifteen Minutes!!!! You're paying a licence fee to get only 44 minutes for every hour you've paid for? That's robbery!
They Wind The Volume Up During Ads
They deny it, of course, but they DO, don't they? There you are, quietly watching your programme. The ads come on, and Aaaargh! You're deafened by the volume, and have to hurriedly turn it down for the ad break. Then, of course, the programme comes back on, and you have to turn it up again to hear anything. I HATE this! Wouldn't it be nice to cut out all the adverts? Well, now you CAN!
The Freesat Recorder
A Freesat Recorder
A Personal Video Recorder
This is called a Freesat Recorder, and it replaces your old Video or DVD Recorder

It doesn't need tapes or disks – it has a computer drive inside it that can save hundreds of hours of programmes – typically around 100 films worth! Or 400+ soap episodes...

Oh yes, and it's FAR easier to use – no complicated recording procedures at all!
It's Easy To Use!

If you groan at the thought of yet another gadget to master – relax! This is SO much easier than a Video to work. You'll get the hang of it in a few minutes. Really! I particularly like the Freesat (rather than Freeview) version of this machine, because it's easier to use, far more reliable, and the facilities to enable you to jump over the adverts are far easier to use.
Full High Definition!
The picture quality on Freesat recorders is far better than Sky HD, and far better than that which you get on a Freeview Aerial. It's better than Sky, because there's no scrambling to degrade the quality (Sky scramble their programmes so that only subscribers can watch them) and the bandwidth of Freesat is much greater than on Terrestrial Freeview channels, so things are broadcast in much higher quality.

At least *I* think so, and I see a lot of TV pictures! I think when you see it, you'll be impressed!
No Timers To Set
You don't need to set a timer, or any of that stuff. It has an on–screen programme list, just like a TV has. You just select the programme you want to record, on screen, by highlighting it – and press the OK button. It's that easy!  If your programme starts late, (because the news over–ran, for example) – the box knows, and will adjust the start time itself. You never miss part of your programme.
It Records Series Automatically
If you select, say Emmerdale, to record – it knows that this is a series, and will ask you:

"Do you want to record just this one episode?"


"Would you like me to record EVERY episode?"

If you choose "Every Episode", it will do just that – record all episodes of Emmerdale until you tell it otherwise – so you never miss your favourite programmes.
You Can Find What You Have Recorded – Easily

There is just a "Recordings" or "Library" button – you just press the button that means:

"Show me what I've recorded"

and it gives you an on-screen list of what it has saved. (Just like the programme list on your TV). You select the programme you want, and then you press OK to play it!

You can also erase it if you want, or put a special lock on it to stop it being erased by accident. (if you do this, it asks you about 3 times if you REALLY want to erase this programme before it will rub it out).

You Can Freeze a Programme if The Phone Goes
We've all had this – you are just getting to an interesting bit – and the phone goes, or someone calls round.

No problem! This PVR box can "freeze" live TV. Or recordings.

You just press the "Freeze" button, the picture stops dead, and the box starts saving it automatically. When you put the phone down, or the visitors leave, you press "Resume", and it picks the programme up again from when you left off. No gaps, no missed bits.

This is SO handy – even if you just want to pause it to make a cup of tea. I use it all the time.

But There's More...
You Can Record TWO Programmes at Once
You know what it's like – some nights, there isn't a thing worth watching on ANY channel – but the next night, they put three good things on – all at 8pm.

There are two tuners in this box, so it can record two programmes at the same time!

So, you can record two programmes with this box – and watch a third programme on the TV itself. All from a Freesat or Sky dish.

Or You Can Replay A Previous Recording At The Same Time!

While you are recording two different programmes simultaneously, you can also replay something else you recorded earlier – at the same time! Your old Video couldn't do this – Record and Play at the same time – but this device can! (Of course, if there's just 2 good things you want to see at the same time, you can watch one and record the other, like you could with your old Video).
These recorders have the capability to be connected to your Internet Router. If you have a reasonably-fast broadband connection, (Sheffield-based Plusnet do a good fast service for a few quid a month), you can watch LOTS of extra channels via BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, Ch4 on Demand, Ch5 on Demand , Netflix, Youtube, and so on.

(There are many other online sources you can download programmes from, too)
But... Here's The Best Bit Of All...
You Can Skip Through All The Adverts in a Couple of Seconds!

When you're playing back programmes you recorded – when the ads come on... you just press the "Jump Ads" button twice - and you miss the ads completely, and start back on the programme again! (at home, we do this a lot – we hardly watch anything with ads "live" – we record it all, and watch it later for just this reason).

How Much Do They Cost?
A High-Definition FreeSat recorder costs £267, or £367 complete with a dish and cabling installed. There's a full two-year onsite warranty with it.

Yes, not only do I come out and install it for you, setit up properly, and sort out all the tangle of cables that these things usually need.

(have you LOOKED behind your TV lately?  It's like Spaghetti Junction back there...)

- but, if and when it goes wrong, you don't have to disconnect it all, and take it back to the shop (or post it off if you bought it online) and wait 3 weeks for it to be sent back for repair - then go and collect it and try to sort out all the wires again.

Just call me, and I'll come out promptly and change it for a new one for you - no fuss, no trouble, no waiting.

For More Information, Or A Demonstration...

If you'd like to see how it works, or find out a bit more about it, please call me on:

0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or

Email me on

Rod Buck

Rod Buck

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