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Over 30 years Experience in TV Reception - Problems Welcome!

TV Reception Problems!
by: Rod Buck
My Picture Breaks Up Into Squares...
Have you noticed that it's usually OK in dry weather, but goes bad when it's raining? Or is it worse in the evening?

This is usually a problem with the aerial cable where it comes down the roof. Many less-than-thorough aerial erectors don't fasten the cable down to the roof tiles every 2 feet or so as they should, they just let it lie on the tiles. That's fine till you get a gale - then the cable flops around in the wind, and the rough tiles sandpaper their way through the plastic outer coating after a while and then water gets in when it rains.

This water causes loss of signal. When the sun comes out, the cable warms up and dries out, and your picture settles down.

There can also be a day-night variation. When the temperature drops at night, water vapour in the cable condenses, and affects the signal. When the cable warms up in the daytime, the signal improves.
You May Be Getting Too Much Signal
The transmitter power was turned up a lot recently, as part of the digital switchoverand transmitter upgrade programme, and, if your aerial was put up well before this, it may now be producing too much signal for your TV or Digital Recorder to handle. This can cause pixellation and break-up. I can fix this by putting in a reducer and rebalancing the signal to the correct level.
I Can't Get All The Channels I Should...
There may be a fault with your aerial or cable, but if they are OK, this is probably because you have an old-fashioned analogue aerial, and it is pointing to the Belmont transmitter in Lincolnshire, or the Sheffield (Crosspool) transmitter. This arrangement can't receive all the Freeview (digital) channels.

If your signals come from the Sheffield transmitter at Crosspool (Near the Hallamshire Hospital), or the Belmont transmitter in Lincolnshire, you will definitely need a modern "wideband" aerial like this to pick up the full range of Freeview (digital) channels.

digital aerial
I Got A New Skybox, Now The Rest Of The House Doesn't Work...
That's because, in many houses, the Sky box powers the distribution amplifier that sends signals round to the bedrooms, etc. It means that either some of the cables in the back of the Sky box are in the wrong sockets, or the Sky box isn't set up correctly.

Then again, the new Sky HD boxes, made in the last 2 years or so, have had the "send the picture out to other rooms" circuits removed, in favour of wireless broadband connection.

This means that your new Sky box can't function like your old one did, sending the picture to other rooms, and being controlled from there. The Sky engineers almost never tell you this though - they tend to put the box in and run off to the next job! (To be fair, they're usually on a VERY tight timeline).

However, do not panic - there is a special little module that we can install behind the latest Sky HD boxes that will restore the picture to other rooms in the house 9if that's what you had before).

I Get The Wrong Local News! It's All About Grimsby And Hull!
This is because you are getting your signal from the Belmont transmitter in Lincolnshire. If you are getting all the channels you should (around 107 or so on Freeview) then you obviously have a proper digital aerial, but if it is getting it's signal from the East Coast, you get the East Yorkshire/Lincolnshire news!

There are two possible fixes for this. It may be possible to turn the aerial around, or change it for a different setup, that WILL get the Emley Moor or Sheffield transmitters, which DO carry the local Sheffield news.

If that can't be done (and some places in the Sheffield area can ONLY get a signal from Belmont) then there is an alternative, FreeSat, where you get your reception from a dish, rather than an aerial. It is guaranteed to give you the appropriate local news, (and, I think, often a better picture too).
How Do I Tell Which Transmitter I Am Receiving From?

People in the Sheffield area get their signals from one of three transmitters. (Chesterfield has its own relay transmitter.)

  • The Main transmitter at Emley Moor, Huddersfield, which covers most of South Yorkshire. This is used by about 50-60% of the homes in the area.
  • The Sheffield Crosspool local relay transmitter, which covers most of central Sheffield. This is used by about 30% of homes.
  • The Belmont transmitter near Lincoln. This is the best one (or sometimes the only only) one that can be recieved by many people in south Sheffield, including Bradway, Dronfield, Ridgeway, Intake, Swallownest, Mosborough, Halfway, Westfield, and Eckington. Used by about 10% of homes.

Map Of Transmitters For Sheffield:

Transmitters For Sheffield Area

Checking Which Transmitter You Are Using
Look at your existing aerial. If the prongs are horizontal, like this, and your aerial points to the Northwest, then you are on the Emley Moor Transmitter. If your aerial is working OK, you don't need to change it.

If the prongs are horizontal, and the aerial points East, then you are recieving from the Belmont Transmitter, and you WILL need a new aerial to get all the Digital Channels.  However, you will still get the "wrong" local news, for Grimsby and Lincolnshire.

(If you opt for Freesat instead, you will get the correct local news for Sheffield).
Old Aerial

If the prongs are vertical, like this picture on the right, and the aerial points to Crosspool, in Sheffield  ( on the hill to the North of the Hallamshire Hospital, on the road to Manchester) then you get your picture from the local Sheffield Crosspool Transmitter, and again, you'll need a new Digital-type aerial to get all the channels.

(Again, there is an alternative. You can opt for  Freesat instead).
Vertical Aerial

There's Often More Than One Way...

Call me on: 0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or email me on and I'll come and discuss it with you, free of charge.

There may be a way to get what you want that saves money.. or gives a better result.

Rod Buck

Rod Buck

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