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 Distributing TV Round The House!
by: Rod Buck
It's not necessary to have more than one aerial, even if you want to have TV's in several rooms.

Now there are so many channels, it's natural for the kids to watch music or cartoon channels in their bedrooms, while you have your choice of TV on downstairs.

I can arrange this quite easily in most cases. Many modern houses have TV sockets fitted in the bedrooms (and elsewhere) when they are built. These sockets are connected to wires left in the loft. All that is necessary is for me to put up a good-quality aerial, and connect it to a multi-way distribution amplifier in the loft, and connect the various cables to it. This amplifier doesn't make the signals any stronger - what it does is to provide several "carbon copies" of the aerial's output - so that each TV is fooled into thinking it has its own private aerial.

If your bedrooms (or other rooms where you want a TV) don't have pre-wired sockets, I can, of course, do the necessary wiring myself.

Distributing Signals Round The House
Distributing Your Sky Picture Round The House...
If you have a Sky receiver, did you know that I can arrange for all the normal Freeview channels (BBC, ITV, Ch4, Ch5, and all the rest) to be available in other rooms, as normal, but I can also make your Sky available in other rooms as well?

(No, you don't have to pay Sky any more money for this, it's built into the system!)

Any of the other TV's in the house can tune in to all the normal Freeview channels -

- but they can also see what's on the Sky box, too!

So, you can watch normal TV downstairs, while the kids watch Sky cartoon channels, or MTV, upstairs. Or vice versa, of course.  You can even retire to bed at night, and watch the Sky box in your bedroom...

(and change the Sky channels from up there, too!)

The only drawback is that you can't have different Sky channels on in different rooms at the same time.   In other words, you can't have Sky Movies on downstairs, and Sky Cartoons on upstairs. This is why there's no extra Sky subscription charge.

Here's How It Works:

Distributing Aerial + Sky Signals Round The House

This arrangement usually doesn't cost much more than a "normal" aerial distribution system, so it's often worth doing if you have a Sky system.

Controlling The Sky Box From Another Room...
Viewing the Sky pictures in the bedroom is fine - it might be nice to retire to bed and watch a film in comfort - but do you really want to go downstairs to change the channels?  Or, perhaps you have the Sky piped through to the conservatory or study, to watch from in there? Again, it would be handy to be able to control the box remotely, wouldn't it?
Changing Channels Remotely
I can fit a small device called a "Magic Eye" that fits in the aerial lead near a TV in another room. It's a small (matchbox-sized) device with an infra-red pickup eye on it that receives the commands from a Sky remote. It's hidden away behind the TV.

Controlling a Sky Box Remotely

When you point a Sky remote at the bedroom TV, the Magic Eye picks up the commands, and sends them back through the aerial wiring all the way down to the Sky box in the lounge. The Sky box will then behave exactly as if you were in the living room controlling it normally! The Sky Guide - Menus - Favourites. Anything!
Different Styles of Bedroom Outlet...
There are lots of different way to arrange alternative outlets in other rooms. If you feel like redecorating, I can even chase out a channel in the wall, and bury the aerial wire properly, plastering over it, and fitting a proper flush wall TV socket. (Although this is laborious, so it's quite a bit more expensive). However, if you want the neatest, most professional job, I can do it.

Whatever you want to achieve, I can usually find a way to get what you want, so please call me for advice.

There's Often More Than One Way...

Call me on: 0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or email me on and I'll come and discuss it with you, free of charge.

There may be a way to get what you want that saves money.. or gives a better result.

Rod Buck

Rod Buck

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