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    High-Definition (HD) TV
by: Rod Buck
Do I Need A New Aerial To Get HD Pictures?
No, probably not - if you already get Freeview channels OK with a reasonably-modern Digital Aerial, you stand a fair chance of getting HD channels with that same Aerial.

If you are using an old Analogue aerial that's been up for 25 years, then you will probably need to upgrade your aerial system.

If you bought a flatscreen TV less than two years ago, it may have an HD tuner in it. Or it may say "HD–Ready" on the TV. If it has got "HD–Ready" on the front, then it can't receive HD pictures by itself.

To check if it can get HD pictures, try putting it on Channel 101 or 103 - if you get a picture on these channels, it's working on HD already, and you don't need to do anything.

HD-Ready TV

If you bought a TV more than two years ago, it will probably be "HD-Ready". This means the screen can show a High-Definition picture, but the Freeview tuner inside can only receive SD (standard-definition) pictures from an aerial.

(This isn't the set–makers fault, the Government dithered for years over the technical standard for HD transmissions, so the manufacturers weren't able to make a proper HD set until the standard was decided).

So what the makers did was to turn out sets that had an HD screen, and electronics, but put an HD connector socket (an HDMI one) on the back of the set, and just fit a standard SD Freeview tuner. The user could then buy an HD upgrade box when they became available, and plug it into the set's HDMI port, bypassing the tuner to get a full HD service.

If you have an HD-Ready set, to get a proper HD pictures, you need an external HD receiver box that plugs into the HDMI port on the rear of the TV to show full HD. The best way is usually to either have a Freeview HD Recorder or a Freesat HD Recorder.

A Personal Video Recorder

There are many advantages to having one of these - you can easily and quickly record any TV programmes you like - you can even record TWO programmes at once! You can also whizz through any adverts! But the REAL benefit is that you get Full HD pictures. If your TV is 37 inch or more, the difference is stunning - much clearer and sharper pictures.

For more details about these boxes, Click Here

How Much Do They Cost?
  • The High-Definition Freeview version available costs £237, installed.
  • There's a High-Definition FreeSat version available... it costs £267, or £375 complete with dish and cabling installed.

Yes, not only do I come out and set it up for you, tune it in, and sort out all the tangle of cables that these things usually need.

(have you LOOKED behind your TV lately?  It's like Spaghetti Junction back there...)

- but, if and when it goes wrong, you don't have to disconnect it all, and take it back to the shop (or post it off if you bought it online) and wait 3 weeks for it to be sent back for repair - then go and collect it and try to sort out all the wires again.

Just call me, and I'll come out promptly and change it for you - no fuss, no trouble.
TV-On-Demand Too!
These High-Definition Recorders have the capability to be connected to your Internet Router.

If you have a reasonably-fast broadband connection (Sheffield-based Plusnet do a good fast service for only around 6-7 a month), you can watch LOTS of extra programmes via BBC iPlayer and ITV Player

There are many other online sources you can download programmes from, too.

For Further Information...

Call me on: 0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or email me on and I'll come and demonstrate the picture quality, and show you what the box can do, discuss it with you, free of charge.

Rod Buck

Rod Buck


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