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   TV From Other Countries
by: Rod Buck
If you have an interest in TV from other countries, we can usually arrange this easily by fitting a suitable dish and receiver.
Free of Subscription
We can usually get a fair number of channels FREE of subscription - how many depends on the language/country you are interested in, but it's often 50 channels or more for most languages.
What Is Available?
We have obtained good channels for these languages/countries:

German (inc. Austrian & Swiss channels)
Arabic (inc. Dubai,Morocco, Algeria, Egypt etc)

Let us know what you want, and we'll see if we can get it for you!
What Is The Cost?
It depends on which language you want, and what satellite it is carried on (some satellites need a bigger dish than others).

But we can often supply a complete dish and receiver for about 250 or less.

Call For Advice...

Call me on: 0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or email me on and I'll arrange to come and look at your house to see what needs to be done.

We can do weekend appointments if you're out at work all week.

Rod Buck

Rod Buck

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