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 TV Aerial Questions
Rod Buck
I Think My Aerial May Be Faulty...
Maybe your picture is breaking up, or you can't get all the channels that you think you should get?

Click here for information about Common TV Reception Problems.

Do I Need A New Aerial To Get Digital TV?
You might. Digital Freeview signals can be received by old-fashioned aerials too. An old-fashioned aerial can pick up about 1/3 of the TV band, and if the digital channels are all within its coverage, it'll work.

If you get your signal from Emley Moor, your old aerial will probably do, if it is working OK. This is because the digital channels on Emley Moor are all close together. However, to get HD channels, you may need to upgrade to a modern "wideband" or Digital aerial.
Old-type aerial
  An Old Aerial
The problem is that, on some transmitters, the digital channels are spread out over the TV band - they aren't (for technical reasons) all next-door to each other. This means an older aerial won't be able to pick them all up. Especially the HD ones.

You need a modern "Wideband" TV aerial, that will receive ANY channel from anywhere in the TV band. You can recognise these Wideband (or "Digital") aerials, by their different appearance. See the picture below.

If your signals come from the Sheffield transmitter at Crosspool (Near the Hallamshire Hospital), or the Belmont transmitter in Lincolnshire, you will definitely need a modern "Digital" aerial to pick up all the Freeview channels.

It's actually a "Wideband" aerial, that's the difference. It's nothing to do with the signals being digital. It just picks up every possible channel.
A modern Wideband or "Digital" aerial
   New "Wideband" Aerial
How Do I Tell Which Transmitter I Am Receiving From?
People in the Sheffield area usually get their signals from one of three transmitters. (Chesterfield has its own relay transmitter.)
  • The Main transmitter at Emley Moor, Huddersfield, which covers most of South Yorkshire. This is used by about 50-60% of the homes in the area.
  • The Sheffield Crosspool local relay transmitter, which covers most of Sheffield itself. This is used by about 30% of homes in the area.
  • The Belmont transmitter near Lincoln. This is the best one (or sometimes the only only) one that can be received by many people in south Sheffield, including Bradway, Dronfield, Ridgeway, Intake, Swallownest, Mosborough, Halfway, Westfield, and Eckington. Used by about 10% of homes.

Map Of Transmitters For Sheffield:

Transmitters For Sheffield Area
Checking Which Transmitter You Are Using...
Look at your existing aerial. If the prongs are horizontal, like this, and your aerial points to the Northwest, then you are on the Emley Moor Transmitter. If your aerial is working OK, you don't need to change it.

If the prongs are horizontal, and the aerial points East, then you are recieving from the Belmont Transmitter, and you WILL need a new aerial to get all the Digital channels.  However, you will still get the "wrong" local news, for Grimsby and Lincolnshire.

(If you opt for Freesat instead, you will get the local news for Sheffield).
Old Aerial

If the prongs are vertical, like this picture on the right, and the aerial points to Crosspool, in Sheffield  ( on the hill to the North of the Hallamshire Hospital, on the road to Manchester) then you get your picture from the local Sheffield Relay Transmitter, and you'll need a new Digital-type aerial to get all the channels.

(Again, there is an alternative. You can opt for  Freesat instead).

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Vertical Aerial
How Much Will A New Aerial Cost?
Well, it's very variable - no two houses seem to be the same, either in the signal strength, or in what you, the customer requires. It can vary from less than £100 for a basic aerial to £400+ for a boosted aerial in a weak-signal area with outlets in 5 or 6 rooms. I usually like to come out and have a look at it, and have a chat about what you want, what's the most economical way of providing what you want, and where you want the aerial put.

(For example, I try to avoid putting it above your driveway if it runs alongside the house, because the birds perch on the aerial and decorate your car enthusiastically...) 

I don't charge anything for coming to have a look, of course.

What Affects The Cost?
Can A Single Aerial Provide TV In Several Rooms?
Of course! You only need one aerial on the property, and I can make it serve as many rooms as you want. If you have a Sky box, I can also make the Sky programmes available in other rooms too - at very little extra cost. Click here for TV In Other Rooms.
What About TV-on-Demand Through The Internet?
Some of the better-class receivers, such as some modern flatscreen TV's, or

Freeview HD Recorders
Freesat HD Receivers
Freesat HD Recorders

have the capability to be connected to your Internet Router. If you have a reasonably-fast broadband connection, you can watch LOTS of extra channels via these services:

BBC iPlayer
ITV Player
Channel 4 On Demand
Channel 5 On Demand

There are many other online sources you can download programmes from, too. I can help to arrange this.

There's Often More Than One Way...

Call me on: 0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or email me on and I'll come and discuss it with you, free of charge.

There may be a way to get what you want that saves money.. or gives a better result.

Rod Buck

Rod Buck


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